Turbine flowmeter
[Product Name] Gas Turbine Flowmeter
[Product Brand] Wei Liu
[Nominal diameter] DN20~DN300
[Connection form] Flange connection
[Power supply mode] Lithium battery/24VDC
[Output signal] Pulse/4-20mA/RS485
[Display mode] Chinese display
[Accuracy] 1.0%R1 1. 5%R
[Protection level] IP65
[Measuring medium] Gas
[Body Material] Aluminum Alloy/Stainless Steel 304
[Temperature] -20C~80C
[Pressure] 1.6-6.3MPa
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[Product Name] Liquid Turbine Flowmeter
[Product Brand] Wei Liu
[Nominal diameter] DN4~DN200
[Connection form] Flange card installation
[Power supply mode] Lithium battery 1 24VDC
[Output signal] Pulse/4-20mARS485
[Display mode] Chinese display
[Accuracy] 0.5%R 10%R
[Protection level] IP65 IP68 (need to be customized)
[Measuring medium] Liquid
[Body material] 304/ 316L stainless steel material carbon steel
[Temperature] -20C-120C
[Pressure] 0 3MPa~2.5MPa
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