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A picture that calms down the Chinese elite!

This radar map of the technological gap between China and the United States released by McKinsey is worth collecting.
23 2018/04

Features of electromagnetic flowmeter

1. The measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity;
25 2017/12

Introduction of electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeters (EMF for short) is a new type of flow measuring instrument that developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s. Electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the flow of conductive fluid based on the electromotive force induced when the conductive fluid passes through an external magnetic field.
07 2017/11

Turbine flowmeter working principle and installation precautions

Turbine flowmeter is a commonly used flow measuring instrument, which has the advantages of flexible use, accurate measurement, easy maintenance and stable performance.
16 2017/10

Our company's patented products

After years of research and practice, the company has developed the latest generation of vortex products based on the use of the vortex flow meter industry.
06 2015/08

The water mark system is officially launched!

The water mark system is officially launched!
17 2015/07

How to solve the problem that the instantaneous flow of electromagnetic flowmeter is zero

The electromagnetic flowmeter sometimes encounters "there is only a cumulative amount, and the instantaneous flow rate is always 0" during the operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter. I believe the user must be at a loss. Today, I will help you relieve your doubts.
25 2015/12

Electromagnetic flowmeter's requirements for the medium in the measurement process

In the process of measuring fluid with electromagnetic flowmeter, we all know the requirements of the basic measuring medium. But sometimes it is inevitable to encounter some more special fluids. Make the following analysis for you for uncommon fluid media.
22 2015/12
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